GIPHY Capture. The GIF Maker App Reviews

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Just perfect ! (Génial !)

Easy to use, quick and efficient to grab, catch and reuse the best of your vid’z on screen. Facile à utiliser, rapide et efficace pour attraper et réinventer le meilleur de vos vidéos sur le web. Un "must have" pour les meilleurs trolls du net ...

Bad experience

Bad product

GifGrabber was better

I wish I had my say when people choose to downgrade the funcionallity of a tool I’ve been using during months. Now I can’t change the size of the gif, or edit how long it last … Uninstalling, I won’t wait for an hypothetical update of the funcionalities of this app.

works perfect

easy to use, intuitive, works perfect, you can also trim the gif

Colors missing

Some colors are missing in the recording, everything seems greyish.

Brilliant tool

I can just create Gifs to explain stuff in talks / to other developers/designer in seconds. This tool simply has everything I need. One proposal as a nice improvement: Enable upload to Dropbox :)

Works perfectly

Great App, simple layout and does what it should. Upload to gfycat is nice!

works great and simple

It’s a great free tools. Dropbox upload would be great and if 3 or more gifs captured the cpu load is crazy high.


Easy to use. Could have a option to manipulate compression / quality. Thanks!

Very poor quality

The recorded gif only has like 3 colors. All grey is white.

very poor image quality

an no settings to adjust anything.


Worked perfectly

Great app

simple and easy to use awesome :)


This is a very slick little app. The only downside is no clickthrough on the capture area.


This app is really good for getting gifs but it would be a lot better if you could put text on it in the app just to make it easier.


Makes gifs easily, gets them saved and uploaded quickly, super.

Great App

Very straight forward process for making a Gif. Thanks for releasing this for free. One suggestion. The option for setting the size of the capturing window as number values in addition to dragging and scaling the window. I was trying to capture an exact 640x640 video and I spent some good time tweaking the size.

Exactly what I was looking for

A great app, and thanks for releasing it for free! I love that you can choose whether or not the cursor is recorded (something LiceCap doesnt do), theres a keyboard shortcut to easily start / stop, numerous recordings can be saved, and there are editing features for recordings (e.g. trimming and scaling)! Excellent. Some suggestions: 1. Once the recording has started, show an outline of the recording area so I know what is / isnt within the capture area. Once that green box disappears, when my recording has started, I cant remember exactly where it was. 2. Being able to type in a width / height for the box would be useful. 3. It might be nice to enlarge the fly-out from the Menu Bar icon. Currently its pretty slim and with a big 27" screen itd be nice to utliize the space if I want. 4. Ability to customize the keyboard shortcut for starting / stopping capture. Command + Shift + S isnt very unique and may interfere with other shortcuts. 5. Ability to clear only some of the previous recordings, not all of them. 6. Ability to scale to custom %, not just 50, 75, etc. Still, this gets a 5-star rating, definitely. It totally meets my needs.

Almost perfect

Simple and intuitve. Just wish I could capture longer time intervals (could not set it anywhere).

Fanstic GIF capture

This is extremely easy to use, has the option to show the cursor, trim the gifs and make them any size you want. The gifs are high quality too!

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